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Fashion Feng Shui gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "Being in your Element." It is a process that brings your truth forward. Once you have discovered your authentic style, you become even more beautiful, a beacon for your business and community, irresistibly attractive and confident. You will be more of you. You will glow.


Caryn’s eye for beauty, quality and impeccable good taste, along with a loving compassionate heart, lessons learned around self love, not knowing what to buy for herself, a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear, and absolutely sure it is never to late to make changes and transform, led her to this stage in her life as a coach to empower woman to self discovery, self love and to be your “you”



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Core Belief – Empower People – that is my mission! In the beginning as a Cosmetologist, Interior Decorator, Feng Shui Consultant and Fashion Feng Shui® Facilitator. All this to inspire authentic lifestyle change and listen to the inspirational self calling from the soul of your existence. Finding what rings true to you and helping discover your essence and intention.
Sue Rickenbacher is a Fashion Feng Shui Facilitator, Advanced Soul Coach and a Certified Angel Card Reader. Additionally Sue holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Before moving to Switzerland in 1992, Sue worked in the area of Sales and Marketing for a consumer products manufacturer’s representative.


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I am excited to share this wardrobe wonder. I actually met Evana Maggiore in 2002 when she came to help with Feng Shui for my home. At the time she was introducing this new manner of dressing and I followed up with some of the information. I was actually able to become a more effective teacher in the Middle School classroom by making changes in the way I dressed myself.


A Feng Shui Consultant since 1999, Hinda is certified in both Western and Compass Schools of Feng Shui. She is a founding member and past president of the Feng Shui Institute of the Midwest (www.fsim.org). Through her business, Intentional Spaces, Hinda consults with individuals and businesses to explore ways to create balanced and harmonious environments.
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Working with women over 50 to find your personal style and flatter your figure is my goal. Each one of us has a beautiful woman inside and she wants to come out and play. When we work together we can find your essence and show it to the world. Women over 50 have a zest for life that is meant to be seen. Join me in discovering your inner beauty and letting it shine out in the world.

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A Fashion Feng Shui Facilitator® since 1999, and a Master Facilitator since 2012, Andrea is passionate about sharing her knowledge, and works to facilitate change in peoples lives. She is also a Feng Shui Practitioner since 2005. Andrea is an Essential Color Consultant and creates a lifestyle that empowers individuals to create balance and harmony in their every day.
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