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Diamond Creek
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Take your look and your life in a NEW direction!
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Using the science and art of style I love helping women discover their own unique personal style, so they can look great and feel great everyday.
I am delighted to incorporate this uplifting way of helping women to re-discover their personal style. As one of the first facilitators in Australia, I can see how people here will love the concept. Life happens and whatever your experience is currently, Fashion Feng Shui can help you to connect with your own unique style again. Wondering what to wear can be daunting at any age or stage in life.
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Coolum Beach
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Many women lose their way as they advance into each new phase of their lives in pursuit of happiness and from the effects of life events.
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What an exciting journey life is! And now we have Fashion Feng Shui to take us on the next fascinating road of adventure. With Annette's passion and excitement for this creative and holistic way of styling, and her utmost desire to help you discover the beauty within; you are in the very best hands to learn how to express your authentic self in your most intimate environment, your clothing.


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Ambassador of Feng Shui Culture to the World and of Langzhong city - The Fengshui Capital, Feng Shui practitioner, IMind Mapping Certified Instructor, Business & Image Consultant, member of AICI, Carmen is using Fashion Feng Shui® to complete her coaching/consulting practice for private persons and corporations, with great results.

Hong Kong S.A.R., China

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Embracing more than 20 years experience in fashion design and strategic planning, Annette’s passion brings her from clothing to people with a pursuit to improve people’s self image both internally and externally. She also becomes an expertise in bridging the relationship between human beings and the aesthetic profession since 2010.



ako's mission is to help her clients feel more confident, to show them the ability to impress and express themselves positively, and to discover their authentic selves as well.


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Subang Jaya
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Attracting opportunities into your world

New Zealand

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Beverley is the face of Fashion Feng Shui® in New Zealand and Australia. With her wealth of experience as an Image Consultant, enthusiasm and intuitive flair she is perfectly poised to unlock your true potential in this exciting new field of personal development.
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I am passionate about helping women find their authentic self. I welcome you to make an investment in yourself at Dresscode; Together we will create a unique expression of you.