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New Hampshire

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+1 (603) 235-9566
A Fashion Feng Shui Facilitator® since 1999, and a Master Facilitator since 2012, Andrea is passionate about sharing her knowledge, and works to facilitate change in peoples lives. She is also a Feng Shui Practitioner since 2005. Andrea is an Essential Color Consultant and creates a lifestyle that empowers individuals to create balance and harmony in their every day.
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Lea Menzi is a Fashion Feng Shui Facilitator and Color Analyst. Before moving to the US in 2015, Lea worked in the area of HR and Coaching. Lea is based in Hampton NH, and Zurich, Switzerland. Consultations are available in English or in German and can take place in person or electronically (Skype)
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+1 (603) 671-8069

New Jersey

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+1 (917) 587-4587
I've been a personal stylist for almost ten years now and it has always been my passion to create beautiful outfits for my clients that transform them and make them feel unstoppable. Fashion Feng Shui dressing techniques are an extraordinary boost to my ability to focus on the three most important aspects of my client's wardrobe - appearance, essential self and intentions.
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New York

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west hempstead
+1 (516) 445-6659
Style is not instinctive it is taught! Just as you grow and change so does your image/style. Finding and understanding your image/style is an on-going journey .
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New York City

South Carolina

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+1 (864) 735-7681
I empower my clients by helping them update or change their image and find their personal voice through fashion. I also work as a commercial stylist, coordinate fashion shows around the upstate and teach workshops and seminars on image.
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Johnson City
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Salt Lake City
+1 (801) 910-4200
It's not about what you wear, it's about who you are. Discover your inner design and how to align it with your outward expression for a one of a kind, unique to you look, through several disciplines, including Face Reading, Body Language and Fashion Feng Shui.
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+1 (425) 868-1816
As a certified Personal Image consultant, color expert and Fashion Feng Shui facilitator. I am dedicated to helping you reveal your radiance and dress with style and intentionality for your personal or professional lifestyle. I am passionate about supporting you so that age, shape, or size are no longer in the way.
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Mercer Island
+1 (425) 999-9583
A world traveler as a child, and later on by choice, I learned to honor and celebrate our differences. My passion for lifestyle and fashion has come from a life spent living in some of the most fascinating countries of the world, where color, flavor and style have captured my imagination through beautiful designs and vibrant clothing.
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+1 (360) 606-9595
Dr. Carol Parker Walsh is a career and business coach that helps women who've climbed the wrong ladder of success find their life's work. Carol has coached entrepreneurs, executives, leaders, and professionals including a Grammy Award winner and Paralympic Gold Medalist.
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Working with women over 50 to find your personal style and flatter your figure is my goal. Each one of us has a beautiful woman inside and she wants to come out and play. When we work together we can find your essence and show it to the world. Women over 50 have a zest for life that is meant to be seen. Join me in discovering your inner beauty and letting it shine out in the world.
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