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Certified since:
Silvia Serban has a Bachelor Degree from the Bucharest National University of Fine Arts. For more than two decades, her fashion brand stood out proposing outfits that have not followed trends, but redefined the style and reinterpreted the notion of clothing, this re-creation generating a singularity, not just contemporary, but also timeless.
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”Maivor, with a BA in Clothes Design and a BA in Art/Literature/Film, is a Certified Color, Style and Fashion Feng Shui Consultant - who will help you dress ”From the Inside Out”.
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Izmir & Istanbul
FFSM, Ambassador of Feng Shui Culture to the World, Feng Shui practitioner, Business & Image Consultant, Carmen is using Fashion Feng Shui® to complete her coaching/consulting practice for private persons and corporations, with great results.
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South Africa

Ursula Saner Davare is a certified personal shopper, stylist, fashion feng shui facilitator and colour and fashion style consultant with her own company since 2008. Before making fashion her business, Ursula had worked many years in national and international tourism.
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