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Fashion Feng Shui® Elemental Body Colors define the “organic neutrals” of your personal palette, the hues that, because they repeat your body’s own colorations, naturally flatter you.

Knowing your Elemental Body Colors provides you with a solid base for your wardrobe. When you coordinate the colors of your clothing around a common theme, you, the result is a collection of garments that both naturally enhance you and harmonize with each other.



(Following text courtesy of Body Colors™ by Donna Cognac)

Elemental Hair Color

The shades that appear in your hair provide you with an ideal neutral tone for shoes, sandals, and boots. These colors then mark the beginning and end of your person. They appear in natural harmony as jackets, coats, skirts, and pants. By repetition, they heighten and enhance your hair color.

Elemental Eye Color

Above all other features, your eyes are the stars ... the jewelry ... of your natural visual design. The colors that appear in your eyes are heightened and enhanced when they are repeated in clothing and accessories worn on the upper body. This causes a viewer’s focus to be drawn into your eyes and promotes better communication.

Elemental Skin Color

This shade is ideal for under-garments. Unlike white or dissimilar skin tones, these shades disappear under clothing. Shoes and sandals in a slightly darker version of your skin make your legs appear longer and coordinate with anything you wear because the color is an extension of your natural color.

Analyzing Your Elemental Body Colors


ColorQuick Fashion Feng Shui T Elemental Body Color IndicatorA Fashion Feng Shui® Facilitator assesses the elemental energies of your personal coloring using the Fashion Feng Shui® Elemental Body Color Indicator Fan. Each master fan consists of fifteen wands (three per Element) of fabric swatches, that classify hair, eye and skin tones as Water, Wood, Fire, Earth or Metal.

The Facilitator first examines your hair, using the five wands that elementally categorize natural hair colors, and then chooses one or two wands that best represent its present coloration. Although there may not be an exact swatch-to-hair-color match, it will be apparent to which wand(s) you best relate. The same process is repeated for eye color and skin tone, until the Facilitator has selected three or four wands that most closely coordinate with your hair, eyes and skin. These are your Elemental Hair Color, Eye Color and Skin Color wands.

If your coloring is represented in wands from the same element, i.e. dark hair, eyes and skin (Water Elemental Body Coloring), you are considered to be a thoroughbred, Fashion Feng Shui's term for someone who displays the hair, eye and skin tones from one Elemental Body Colors Archetype.

Most likely, however, you will exhibit a “fusion” of elemental colorings, finding your hair represented by one elemental wand, your eyes another, and your skin still another. Fashion Feng Shui® would then classify your coloring according to its Elemental Harmony.

“This simple, time, effort and especially, money-saving process guarantees no more color mistakes!”

After your Fashion Feng Shui® Elemental Body Color Analysis, you will receive a set of your indicated elemental color wands to use as an Elemental Body Colors Shopping Fan. A visual indicator of your organic neutrals and overall color scheme, your personal Elemental Body Colors Fan enables you to shop with confidence for clothes, accessories, eyewear, make-up, and even, hair coloring. Just wave your Elemental Body Colors Fan over a prospective garment to determine whether it would be “at home” on your body, or not. This simple, time, effort and especially, money saving process guarantees no more color mistakes!

Although the Fashion Feng Shui® Elemental Body Colors Indicator is a quick and easy tool for analyzing your coloring, it is available for use only by certified Fashion Feng Shui® Facilitators. To locate a certified Fashion Feng Shui® Facilitator in your area please visit the Fashion Feng Shui® Facilitator International Referral Network.

NOTE: Some Facilitators extend this service to offer personalized Body Colors Palettes. These differ from the Elemental Body Color Palettes in that they are hue specific, rather than element specific, to the client's hair, skin and eye tone; and that they include an additional color wand, Code Red, which identifies his or her best shades of red. Others offer the  Essential Colors™16 Palette 5 Element Color System which provides you with a full color palette that aligns with your personality and hair, eyes and skin colors.